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Caring for your Planters

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It can be intimidating taking care of plants when you are new to it. Too much water and the plants can drown. Not enough and they will dry out and die off.


A good rule of thumb for all situations is to check the soil often and water when it is dry to the touch. 

Make sure to water each part of the pot thoroughly and continue until water comes out through the drainage holes (about 30 seconds to a minute). Deep, thorough watering nurtures the root system ensuring a healthier plant. 

Each planter requires care specific to its conditions. If your front porch gets plenty of shade, but your back patio soaks in the summer sun, you should adjust the frequency and amount of watering.

While each situation is different, below are some general guidelines :


In early spring, lower temperatures and immature plants and bulbs may mean you only need to water every 3-4 days. 


Many summer blooms can last well into fall, but once the autumn temperatures kick in, the cool-weather lovers need watering about 3 times per week. 


It's important to water regularly as the temperatures heat up. Plants that enjoy full sun should be watered liberally every day, preferably in the morning. Don't forget your shade loving plants. They get less water from nature so need frequent attention. 


Even in the cold weather, plants need to be watered, Evergreens and autumn kales can last well past freezing and probably only need weekly attention if it's been a dry stretch. 

If you have a sprinkler system, consider speaking with your landscaper about installing drip hoses. 

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